We are committed to promoting good health and recommend that every patient have an annual exam. This allows us to evaluate your overall health and ensure that you are not developing unexpected health issues or illnesses. During your annual examination, we update your known conditions, as well as look for any new health issues that may need to be treated or observed. We are also pleased to provide child exams, back-to-school, and sports physicals.


Pediatrics + Adolescents

Our caring and highly qualified, general pediatricians take care of children from birth to 19 years old. We provide comprehensive medical care including routine exams, well-baby check-ups, annual exams, episodic care, sick care, immunizations, and more services. Our care doesn’t stop with babies and toddlers. We are committed to taking care of adolescents and helping lead them toward healthy adulthood. Middle schoolers and high schoolers have different experiences and different medical needs.

We teach teens how to responsibly take charge of their health and body. We talk about whether they are sexually active, check for STDs, and discuss contraception and abstinence. Our competent and compassionate physicians see your child as more than just an office visit. We take care of the total child, addressing every health-related issue, which can extend to the whole family and their lifestyle.

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Adult Medicine

We focus on all health parameters from preventative care and progressive chronic diseases, such as Diabetes and Hypertension, to certain Cancer Screenings, Mammograms and Pap Smears (Office Gynecology), ADHD Treatment, Flu and Allergy Shots, Worker’s Compensation, Annual Physicals, Routine Medical Evaluations, Family Planning, and Acute Injury Care, among others.

By covering so many healthcare issues and diseases, we hope to establish continuity of care for our patients to help get them healthy and stay healthy. Our skilled team of experienced nurse practitioners concentrate their efforts on initiating preventative healthcare for patients, so they can take charge of their own health.

While we do offer a full range of comprehensive healthcare services for new and existing patients, after a patient’s assessment, if we think that the patient needs more care outside of our office, we will refer them to the appropriate medical facility or clinic. Such referrals include diagnostic screenings and chronic pain issues.